Alcoholic Beverage Sales

The Town of Westlake allows on and off-premise alcoholic beverage sales, including the sale of mixed beverages.  Restrictions for locations are established in Chapter 6 of the Code of Ordinances. Some districts may require a SUP process to obtain alcohol licensing. 

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission issues state permits for alcohol sales, including temporary permits. The TABC applications must be certified by the Town Secretary prior to submission. The application packets and additional information for obtaining state licenses are available on the TABC website.

General Requirements

  • The TABC Application must be submitted to the Town for review
  • The Planning Department will ensure that the application meets all zoning requirements
  • The Chief Building Official will ensure that the establishment has an active  Certificate of Occupancy for the business
  • The Town Secretary will certify all the applications if the above requirements are met
  • Fees as listed below must be furnished
  • The Planning Department will issue a license that must be posted at the established business. 

Local Fees

Additionally, the Town collects local fees equivalent to one-half of the state fees required for alcoholic beverage sales licenses. Fees are collected when the permit application is certified by the Town Secretary and when the permit is renewed.

  1. Ron Ruthven

    Director of Planning & Development

  2. Amy M. Piukana, TRMC, CMC

    Town Secretary