Special Districts

Special Taxing Districts

Some areas of the town may fall under certain special taxing districts such as a Public Improvement District (PID) or a Municipal Utility District (MUD). Special districts are geographic subdivisions established to provide services and/or infrastructure to an area or neighborhood. Property owners within a special district may pay an additional property tax to support the district.

Entrada PID Boundary

Entrada PID

Entrada PID

Entrada is part of a PID which levies assessments on properties within the district to fund the public improvements such as landscaping, entryway features, water, wastewater, sidewalks, streets, roadways, off-street parking, drainage improvements, trails, and parks and open space within the district to be paid over 30 years. The amount assessed per property depends on the size of the property and its land use.

PID Administrator:

P3 Works, Special District Administration

PID Assessments:

TC MUD Boundary

Trophy Club MUD

Trophy Club MUD

Subdivisions such as Solana, Entrada, Knolls at Solana, and Granada lie within the Trophy Club MUD. The Trophy Club MUD was created back in 1975 to help fund future utility construction within the Town of Trophy Club and portions of the Town of Westlake. The intent of the MUD is to provide water, wastewater treatment, and fire protection to residents/businesses within the district.

Tax Rate: $0.10588

Visit the Trophy Club MUD website here for more information.

ISD Boundaries

School Districts

School Districts

The Town of Westlake is intersected by three different school districts each containing its own tax rates.

  • Carroll ISD: $1.2686
  • Keller ISD: $1.344
  • Northwest ISD: $1.292

What do My Taxes Look Like?

View special districts in your neighborhood by visiting our Interactive Tax Parcel Map

Clicking on your property will yield tax rate information and give you your estimated taxes due for the year. In addition, there are links to each county's appraisal district that breaks down taxes due more accurately. 

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