Signage regulations can be found under Chapter 70 - Signs of the Code of Ordinances. Additional ordinances may apply if the signage is located in a Planned Development Zoning District such as Entrada, Solana, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Circle T Ranch, etc...

Signage Ordinances

Permitting Information

  • In order to be approved for a commercial sign permit, a business must have:
    • A Certificate of Occupancy (approved or in review)
    • A Commercial Building Permit (approved or in review)
  • A separate permit is required for each location

Signs in public ROW

Where a sign is in public ROW a ROW maintenance and license agreement to be approved by the Town Council is required. Please contact the Assistant Town Manager, Jarrod Greenwood for more information ( Locations include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Davis Blvd / FM 1938
  • Dove Rd
  • Sam School Rd
  • Schwab Way
  • Solana Blvd
  • Ottinger Rd

Signs for Special Events

  • If your special event requires signage please fill out a sign permit and check the boxes for temporary and special event signage
  • In addition, fill out the timeline from when they will be placed to when they will be taken up
  • No fee is assessed for temporary special event signage
  • View special events page here


Please email and a picture/graphic of your proposed sign and we can help you in the right direction!

Online Submittal

Applicants or contractors must pull permits online through the Town of Westlake’s MyGov portal. 

Please ensure the you are intending to perform work in the Town of Westlake near Fort Worth and not Westlake Hills near Austin

Use any of the links below to get started:

Submittal Requirements:

  • Site plan of sign location
  • Design / elevations of the sign
  • Sign dimensions
  • Type of sign
  • Type of lighting / lighting fixtures
  • HOA approval