Planning & Development

About the Department

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for processing plating and zoning requests and ensuring that the proposed development will conform to the Town of Westlake's comprehensive plans, zoning regulations, building codes, and other regulations of the town.


Additional responsibilities of the department include:

  • Building inspection
  • Code enforcement
  • Fire prevention
  • Gas well permit administration
  • Municipal administration
  • Municipal governance
  • Plan review and inspection
  • Planning and zoning

Digital Only (Paper Free)

Our department is a digital only, paperless department. All contractor registrations and permits must be submitted online via MyGov. All zoning/platting applications must be submitted by email to Ron Ruthven & Nick Ford upon completion of a pre-application meeting. 

Town Hall

Zoning Applications

Any development related application shall be submitted through a pre-scheduled appointment with a pertinent member of Town development review staff. The purpose of the appointment requirement is to ensure all required items are included and/or addressed prior to acceptance of application by the Town.

Examples of development related applications and revisions include: 

  • Zoning changes
  • Site plan, concept plan, development plans,
  • Specific use permits, 
  • Plat, subdivision and/or public infrastructure construction plans, 
  • Variances

Please see Developing in Westlake page and Development Review Calendar for more information.

Open Records Requests

If you are looking for building permits, plans, reports, or any other public items please go to the link below and fill out the online application. We'll process the request as soon as we can!

Customer Service Survey

Let us know how we did today! Fill out the development service survey here!

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