Comprehensive Plan

Westlake sincerely appreciates the time and voluntary service of our residents, stakeholders, and members of the steering committee, Planning and Zoning Commission, and Town Council to come together and accomplish an updated comprehensive plan that our community is proud to bring forth and present as a guide for the future of Westlake!

Comprehensive Plan Download

Please note the Full Comp Plan is a rather large document and may take longer to download on various devices or connections. Specific chapters that are smaller in size of the Comprehensive Plan can be found in the links below for easier use.

Comp Plan - Forging Westlake

Comp Plan Maps

You may find an interactive map of the Comprehensive Plan at this link or by using the map below.


Ord 747 - Establish 2015 Comprehensive Plan

Ord 845 - Amending Land Use Plan for Open Space due to Knolls at Solana Development

Ord 878 - Amending the Comp Plan to establish Urban Lighting Zones

Ord 921 - Amending the Master Thoroughfare Plan