Court Policies


The following items are not allowed in Court: 

  • Hats or caps
  • Swimsuits, Tank Tops, Muscle Shirts, Exposed Midriffs, Exposed Underwear or Baggy Pants
  • Bare feet
  • Foods or Drinks
  • Weapons, Pocket Knives, Other Sharp Items - Texas Penal Code 46.03 
  • Electronic Devices – turn off all cell phones, pagers, computers, etc. 

Defendants who are scheduled to appear before the Judge must bring proof of their identity with them to the court setting. As long-term consequences exist upon conviction of a traffic citation, positive identification must be made in order to allow a defendant to enter a plea to their charge(s). Proof may include:

  • A state-issued driver’s license
  • Your original citation
  • Other photo ID – with your name printed on the document or card (student ID, passport, photo work ID, concealed handgun license)

Courtroom Decorum 

Proper attire is required.

Defendants will be subject to a security search upon entering the court facility. 

All persons, packages, purses, briefcases, etc. are subject to search by the bailiff at any time.

PLEASE REMAIN QUIET – The Judge will explain a series of options and responsibilities for the defendants before each session. It is important to remain quiet in order to understand his instructions.

Individuals causing distraction or disruptions are subject to removal from the courtroom.

Please do not offer fellow defendants legal advice unless you are the attorney of record for that person. Events for each citation(s) vary from person to person and situations are dependent on different facts and circumstances - those without a law license should refrain from practicing law.