How To Clear Your Warrant

If you are notified by mail, telephone, or through some other circumstance that you have active warrants in the Town of Westlake, you may take any of the following actions in order to avoid arrest.

  1. Contact the court office:  Call the Westlake Office at (817) 430-0861 to discuss your options for your warrant warrants and avoid arrest. Be prepared to furnish all requested identifying information about yourself and the circumstances of the case.  If the telephone is not personally answered when you call, leave a message along with your contact information.
  2. Payment of Fines in Full:  You may remit the full amount and pay your fines prior to arrest. We accept cash, certified checks, money orders, and credit/debit cards (except for American express) for warrant payments. One of the quickest and most convenient payment methods is our online payment system
  3. Hire an Attorney / Bondsman: For alias arrest warrants (retaining the services of an attorney or bondsman to post appearance bonds on your behalf) will accomplish the goal of clearing your warrants prior to an arrest or can result in your being released from jail without posting bonds for the full fine amounts in order to gain your release. For capias pro-fine warrants – or those for which you have already entered your plea before the Judge – the ability to post this type of bond is generally not available. This option will also allow you to obtain a new court date so that you may enter your plea to the charge and present proof of dismissal offenses for your case. Be aware, that any money you pay to a third party (attorney/bondsman) will not affect or reduce the amount of any fines or fees that you may end up owing the court. The amount of money you pay to an attorney/bondsman is not used to pay your fine. It simply hires the services of the attorney/bondsman to post the appearance bonds in order for you to be released.
  4. Post a Cash-Bond: If you chose to post a cash bond it must be an amount equal to the all of the fines and fees that you owe to the court. Posting a cash bond allows you to enter a plea to the charges against you and allows you to have a new court date. If you post a cash bond, and are subsequently found guilty of the charges against you, those bonds may be used in payment of any fines or fees that may be levied in your case. If the ending fines and fees are less than the cash bond you posted, the difference will be refunded to you.
  5. Jail Credit: Credit for time served may be requested from the Judge for any violation(s) in warrant status if you have been in custody for at least 24 hours or longer. In order to request for Credit for Time Served and have your time reviewed by the Judge, the defendant will need obtain a copy of your Book-In Jail Paperwork (must contain the book-in date/time and release date/time) and sign the Credit for Time Served request form at our court lobby window with one of our clerks. After submitting the jail paperwork and request form, any outstanding warrants will be cleared and the request paperwork will be placed in the Judge’s file for review. The outstanding balance and hold on your license will not be withdrawn until/if approval is granted by the Judge.