Court Appearances

Court appearance dates are assigned on each citation issued. The assigned court date is located near the defendant signature on your citation. 

The first appearance is to determine your plea. If you waive a jury trial and plead guilty or nolo contendere (no contest), you may talk to the Judge about any extenuating circumstances that you wish to be considered for when setting your fine. However, the Judge is not required to reduce your fine. 

Before pleading guilty or no contest you will want to read the section on pleas. If you plead Not Guilty, your case will then be set for pre-trial and you will be notified of your new court date. 

In some cases, you may pay your fine by mail or online prior to your court date in order to handles your citation(s).

There are certain instances where payment by mail/online is not permitted and an appearance in open court is required, for example, if you are a Juvenile or Minor. 

Please note: A phone call is not an appearance. 

If you request a Court date reset, the court will notify you of your new court date via mail.