Respond To A Citation

Please allow four business days prior to contacting the court regarding a citation. The officer is required to file the original charges with the court office before a clerk can assist you in processing your case. 

Lobby Hours

  • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Monday - Friday
  • (Except when court is in session)

Compliance Dismissals

You may be eligible to have your case dismissed due to compliance with the law in certain instances.

Driver's Safety Course

Please see eligibility conditions to be sure you qualify for driver’s safety.

Deferred Disposition

Please see eligibility conditions to be sure you qualify for deferred disposition.

How To Clear Your Warrants

If you are notified by mail, telephone, or through some other circumstance that you have active warrants in the Town of Westlake, you have options in order to avoid arrest.

Inability To Pay (Indigency)

If you are unable to pay your fine/costs in full, you may be eligible for Indigency review.  If your request is approved your citations will result in conviction.


State law requires all Juveniles and Minors to appear in open court. A Juvenile must also appear in open court with a parent or legal guardian.

Pay Fine Online

If you received a citation, you have payment options available to you via the online payment system or by phone.