Water Utilities FAQ

Utility Account Management

I’m moving to Westlake and I need to set up my utility account. Where do I start?

You can start by filling out this application. You will need to put down a deposit based on your meter size and services at your new house. Utility Coordinator, Dianna Orender, can help you with how much your deposit will be. Most deposits are between $90 and $800.

I’m moving out of Westlake. Is there anything I need to do?

Yes. Please fill out this termination form. This ensures that you are not billed for services that occur after you move out. As long as your account is in good standing, your deposit will be applied to your final bill. If you are signed up for bank or credit card drafts, your final bill will NOT be drafted.

I need to make a change to my account

If you need to update a billing address or a name on your account, you can either write it on your payment coupon when you send in your payment, or you can email us directly. We need something in writing for documentation purposes.

I just got my first bill. How can I have a past due balance?

If it's a round number like $150 or $500, those are your deposits. They are not actually past due. If it's another number that is not likely your deposits, please call or email the Utility Billing Department.


Can I set my account to auto-pay?

Yes! We offer both bank & credit card drafts. Bank drafts are free, while credit card drafts carry a 3% fee. You can sign up by first setting up your online account and then entering your bank or credit card information. The instructions for setting up your online account can be found here. Please make sure you change your password as soon as you log in! If you get stuck or need help, you can call during regular business hours (817-490-5732) or email (dorender@westlake-tx.org) any time. 

Why is my water bill so high?

Your bill is made up of a base charge and a consumption charge. Your base service charge is based on your meter size. Most residences have a 1” meter, but there are some with ¾” & 1 ½” meters. When the house was under construction, the builder requested a meter size based on the house’s needs. Larger meters have the ability to place a greater demand on the water system, so that’s why their base rates are higher.

You can view the rates that were approved by the Town Council here.  For more information, visit our Water Rates page.

Can I downsize my water meter?

Larger meters are often installed to accommodate fire lines (sprinkler systems), irrigation, or homes with more water features. The size of your meter was decided by the builder or engineer who designed the home, not the Town. The meter size was determined by the necessary volume and pressure required by the property’s water fixtures.

However, downsizing may be an option. You would first need to enlist either a plumber, a fire protection system installer, or your home's original engineer/architect to assess the impact of downsizing your meter. If a change is feasible, they would then need to send a letter or email to the Public Works Department (publicworks@westlake-tx.org) for approval. 

How can my consumption be this high?

All Westlake water customers can monitor their water consumption by the month, day, and hour with our Eye on Water program. You can sign up using the instructions here. This is the same software that sends us your meter read, so you will be seeing the same information that is used to calculate your bills. Town Hall staff cannot manipulate your consumption totals. For more information, please visit our Eye On Water page.

The charges weren’t as high in the last city I lived in.

Westlake is a small town. We have fewer than 1000 residential accounts, but the infrastructure we need isn’t that different than a larger town’s. We still need pipes, storage facilities, and repair personnel, whether we have 100 customers or 10,000. These costs must be spread evenly between our customers, and that’s where our base charges come in. We have high expectations for service & reliability here in Westlake, and that’s why our Town Council approved our base service charges.

Why do my sewer charges keep changing?

Most residents’ sewer charges are based on their Winter Quarter Average. If you haven’t lived in Westlake long enough to calculate your Winter Quarter Average, your sewer will be billed based on the system average of 11,000 gallons per billing period. That is the maximum, so if you use 10,000 gallons of water in a month, you will be charged based on your actual consumption instead of the system average. There is no meter on your drain, so wastewater usage is calculated based on your water usage.

How is my Winter Quarter Average calculated?

Your water consumption totals for December, January, and February are averaged together. These three months have the lowest consumption totals of the year. Please visit our Winter Quarter Average page for more details & links.

Can I get a discount for filling my pool?

We can only take a pool fill into consideration if it occurs during the Winter Quarter (December through February). This is usually only considered for new residents, but if you’d like consideration, you can call (817.490.5732) or email the Public Works Department.

Maintenance & Repairs

I really think my meter is broken. Can I have it tested?

In order to have it tested, we would need to remove your current meter & have a new one set. We would then send the old meter off to a third party to have it tested. If the tested meter comes back accurate and functional, you would be responsible for the cost of the new meter & the testing. We recommend that you have a plumber inspect your property for leaks before asking to have your meter tested.

I think I have a leak. Can the Town help?

If the leak is occurring at the meter location or in the street, then we can send out a field technician for inspection and repair. If not, we ask that you have your plumber or landscape/irrigation technician have a look at your systems first. If you would like to apply for an adjustment, please visit our Leak Adjustment page to see if you qualify.

Trash & Recycling

Will I be charged for using an additional trash or recycling cart?

Yes. The base charge of $15.41 includes one trash & one recycling cart. Extra trash carts incur a $5.33/month charge. Extra recycling carts are currently free. Additional trash & recycling information can be found here.

Can I use a personal trash or recycling cart? We don’t use them every week.

Yes, you may use a cart purchased elsewhere. However, an additional cart fee must still be charged, whether you use the cart every week or not. We pay Republic Services not for the carts, but for the service of taking the trash and recycling away. Both Republic and the Town recommend that you use Republic’s carts. In the event of a cart being damaged or destroyed, Republic will not replace a personal cart. You can order new carts or have extra carts picked up by calling the Utility Billing Department at 817.490.5732 or emailing publicworks@westlaketx.gov.