Electronics Recycling

The Town of Westlake does not have an electronics recycling program, but we can provide you with some resources. The Texas Recycles Computers Program (2007 TX-HB) requires manufacturers who sell new computers in Texas to provide consumers a free and convenient recycling list program. Those manufacturers are required to be on the TCEQ list of computer manufacturers.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Certain manufacturers own more than one brand of computer
  • If you own a computer with no brand name, or made under a brand not listed, you can check the manufacturers' websites to see who will accept other brands
  • Manufacturers are only required to collect and recycle their own brands. 
  • Manufacturers are only required to collect & recycle personal & home business computers. Commercial, government, and nonprofit customers should check with their manufacturers, local retailers, and local charities to see which opetions are available for upgrading, donating, refurbishing, or recycling.
  • You are responsible for deleting any data off of your devices

Some other resources you may find helpful:

  • The EPA's website has a searchable database of devices & companies
  • Greener Gadgets has a lot of information on living & buying green, and also a searchable database of locations where you can drop your devices off & they will be responsibly handled