Town Council Meetings

The Council establishes a regularly scheduled meeting calendar in order to conduct the business of the Town. Council meetings are subject to the requirements of the Open Meetings Act, which requires at least 72-hours of public notice prior to any scheduled meeting. Public notice is considered to be officially posted when the agenda is affixed to the doors for Town Hall at 1500 Solana Blvd, Building 7. We also post a secondary electronic agenda notice on our website for ease of access. 

At any given meeting, Council may approve or discuss policies that pertain to both municipal and academic business, approve zoning requests, review revenue and expenditure projects, approve budget requests, hear from residents and stakeholders, recognize student and staff achievements, and set strategic direction among other tasks. All Mondays shall be established as a day available for regular meetings as needed. Special meetings shall be called in accordance with Section 22.038(b) of the Texas Local Government Code. 

Council meetings may be further identified and posted with a corresponding agenda that is titled either Executive Session or Regular meeting with the start times and location. 

Regular Session

The portion of the meeting listed as the Regular Session is where the Council will review all the typical business associated with our organization. This may include presentation and discussion of the topics listed on the agenda, approval of Resolutions / Ordinances / Meeting Minutes, review of zoning cases for development projects, reports for Westlake Academy, and other businesses for the Town. If an item is not listed on the publicly posted agenda, it cannot be discussed during the meeting. 

Executive Session

These meetings are closed to the public and generally allow the Council to seek the advice of the municipal or academic attorney on legal matters, such as, pending or contemplated litigation, a settlement offer, negotiating economic development agreements, discussions about the value or transfer of real property, deliberating personnel matters, and/or discussions about security devices/audits/personnel.  

Citizen Comments

During the Council meeting, the public is able to address the Council on topics of interest. The time may be limited to 3-5 minutes per person in order to allow all people to be heard and to ensure the meeting is run efficiently. The Council is prohibited from engaging the public after they have spoken during this portion of the agenda. 

A Quorum for a Meeting

All meetings require a quorum (a majority of the elected officials) of the Council to be present for the meeting to proceed. A majority is three of the five council members, as the Mayor will not count toward the quorum. Although it is unusual, at times the Council Members may be unavailable for the meeting, and Staff will be required to cancel the meeting and either reschedule for a different date or repost items for the next scheduled meeting. 

Meeting dates may also change due to holiday schedules or other conflicts. View the main calendar for meeting dates.