Parks & Trails

Have you been out on our trails lately?

The Town of Westlake has more than 15 miles of trails all containing an average width of 8.1 feet for our residents and stakeholders to enjoy. Our vast network of trails contains 5 trailheads, 5 shelter areas, and various parks and plazas along the path. Use the interactive Parks & Trails Map below to find out more about our wonderful growing network of trails.

Interactive Map


If you are looking for a printable map, the Westlake Trail Map & Guide includes a color-coded legend that shows our trail system while also identifying the locations of trailheads with parking, pedestrian underpasses, shade structures, drinking fountains, and those historical markers located along the trails. We hope you enjoy exploring our community's oasis of natural beauty and miles of scenic trails. Now let's all get out and walk Westlake!

Trail Map 05.04.2023