Police Services

The Town of Westlake contracts with the City of Keller for police and animal control services. The Keller Police Department (KPD) has demonstrated its commitment to excellence in law enforcement by distinguishing itself as an accredited police department.

he Keller Police Department provides full-service support to Westlake including traffic safety and regulation, uniformed patrol operations, community services and education, crime prevention, detention services, animal control services, and public safety dispatch. Additional responsibilities include emergency operations, operations support, and criminal investigations.

FortunePolice Chief

Chief Brad Fortune, bfortune@cityofkeller.com

Support Services Commander

Capt. Jared Lemoine, jlemoine@cityofkeller.com

Operations Commander

Capt. Chad Allen, callen@cityofkeller.com


We would like residents to register a profile with this website which provides basic emergency medical and emergency contact information when you call 911. The information is safe, secure, and very basic so no need to worry about hacking.
                1) Click “Sign Up”
                2) Enter contact and health information
                3) Click “Save”